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Polyclinic Jersey - Transylvania was born from the collaboration and enthusiasm of a group of friends, professionals in the medical field .The successful story started in March 1996.

Beginnings meant four clinical specialties, and medical laboratory effort, but an enthusiastic effort, rewarded with many joys.

Today, after more than 15 years, we pride ourselves with 15 clinical medical specialties, with an advanced laboratory with equipment and medical equipment of high performance, with a team of well trained and especially with the results of our work: competence, quality, diagnostic accuracy and therapeutics.

Between then and now, spanning over 15 years, medical personnel, technical and administrative staff have worked into a continous quest for higher standards, investing much effort, time and soul to build step by step a team and an institution.

Investments in medical equipment, laboratory equipment, the laboratory computerization has enabled us to develop a wide range of medical services to approach topical areas in diagnosis.

Team of specialists of Jersey-Transylvania clinic - always give priority to the quality of care, quality and diagnostic accuracy and optimal therapeutic measures.

High quality standards that we continually strive to preserve and improve , made the clinic JERSEY - TRANSYLVANIA to become one of the leading healthcare providers in Maramures.

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